More Than A Game

Last week I had a chance to catch the documentary More Than A Game. While I thought it was basically the story of LeBron James’ rise to NBA super stardom, it was actually about him and four of his teammates through the trials and tribulations of high school basketball in Akron, Ohio. And it was a lot better than I thought. Whoever had the idea to document these times of LeBron and his St. Vincent–St. Mary High School basketball team had enough foresight to see that all five teammates each had compelling stories.

From a music standpoint, don’t look for the Drake, Kanye, Eminem, & Weezy cut “Forever”, Jay-Z’s “History”, or Chris Brown/Esther Dean’s “Drop It Low”. All these songs were “inspired” by More Than A Game and honestly that doesn’t take away from the film.

So hit the link and tell us what you think about More Than A Game.

Watch: More Than A Game

Sidenote #1: Yea I know this is a Friday Night ‘Fro on Saturday. I passed out last night; I’m sorry.
Sidenote #2: Putting up links of movies are easier for me and you. Megaupload video watching doesn’t let you watch the whole movie.