The Chase

To say that the movies I choose for Friday Night ‘Fro are varied may be an understatement. Think about it: Movies like Gummo, Battle Royale, I’m Bout It, Run! Bitch Run!, & City Of God are examples of the films that have graced the column.

This week’s pick is a little special seeing that I actually know the makers of this film. If you hang out in the comments section you make have seen the name Dark Angel. Hell, if you’ve been with nappyafro in the beginning you may even remember that the young lady used to write for us.

The Chase is a short film that Dark Angel (aka Jayivey Thrasher) made to enter to the annual Campus Moviefest. And even though the The Chase didn’t win the top prize at the festival (They got robbed!), I still wanted to show some love to the cast and crew. Enjoy the movie at the top of the post and then check out the spankin’ new trailer at the bottom.