After 297 Reviews, We’ve Gotten A Little Better…


First off, I’d like to thank bigt915 for this comment:

Wow nappyafro has sure came a long way with their reviews huh? lol

If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have started looking back at our old reviews and I wouldn’t have found out that we had reviewed 297 albums. 297. Wow. I also have to agree with my man big915; we have come a long way. When I started a Hip-Hop review site with King Jerm, I honestly didn’t think I would be still doing it 3 years later. I’ve heard more music that I’d like to admit but at the end of the day (As someone told me yesterday) that is what I signed up for.

nappyafro Fun Fact #1: Did you know that when started, we featured reviews of porn movies? I wish I was lying. Shout out to Blood!

I guess I’ll save some things to say for when we actually cross 300 reviews. But if you wanna look at some older reviews, we made it a little bit easier for you. If you look at the bottom right on the site, you should see a panel that says Random Reviews. This panel will generate 5 random album reviews every time the page loads. It’s a good way to check out past reviews (I know it brought back some memories for me).

nappyafro Sad Fact #1: As it looks right now, Plies’ album Goon Affliated will be out 300th album review.

Also, you might wanna check out the new nappyafro Search page. It’s a good tool to search the main site as well as the forums at the same time (Shout out to my dude Infamous F by the way).

Thanks to everybody for the support. See you at 300.