Jay Electronica Teases Us Yet Again…

At this point, I’m not even sure Jay Electronica’s Act II was even announced; maybe it was just a figment of our imagination. Hell, I’m still waiting on a good version of “Exhibit B A (remix)”

To continue his sporadic release schedule of material, Jay Elect was feeling generous today as he drops a few videos:

1. The first is him a Diddy jumping around the studio the night they made “The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace”

2. Part 1 of the making of “Exhibit A” we see Just Blaze on the beat machine crafting aways.

3. A track that won’t be making Act II inspired by Erykah Badu (aka @FatBellyBella). This one has me in high hopes as it’s in the same vein as Act 1. If this is NOT making the project then what is (Thank glad someone made a mp3 of this).

Source: Jay Electronica