Plies Makes Me Wanna Rob Myself

I know what you’re thinking: Why is B-Easy posting up a Plies’ video?

Well, I’ve spoken in the past about my weird relationship with Plies’ music. I like it for the wrong reasons. Unintentionally funny reasons.

Is it that on almost all of his song he tells us the hook and the subject matter in the first 5 seconds? For example, in the beginning of a song if Plies says: “Hey bruh bruh, I feel like shooting a nigga in the face tonight.” = That means that’s the hook and the name of the song is probably “Shoot A Nigga In The Face Tonight” or something.

Then again maybe I like his music because he created one of the best phrases know to man: “Went to sleep real…woke up REALER!” (I’m getting that shit tatted on my chest by the way.)

Or maybe I like his music because every year Plies’ releases an album, I get to add more of his poetic slang to my workplace vocabulary. How else can I tell my boss I want a raise?

“Hey ‘Bruh Bruh’. My troubleshooting computer skills should get me ‘Plenty Money’. ‘Who Hotter Than Me’? Fucking around with me gonna get you that ‘Shit Bag’. Man forget it, it ain’t ‘Worth Goin’ FED Fo’

So not only did Plies bless us with a new term to use from his new album, “Rob Myself”, he also gave us a video to go with it. Now I won’t spoil it too much, but in the video he’s eating money with a fork and using the Mister Roger theme song. Yea I know, go get that popcorn ready goons.