Lil’ Wayne feat. Drake – “Right Above It”

While some of us heads have been goin’ pretty hard at Drake recently, even more of us that WERE riding with Wayne, gave up on him right around Rebirth (with the skinny-ass jeans and fedoras)

But I have to admit, I’m kinda feelin’ this new single off Wayne’s forthcoming EP, I’m Not A Human Being (Tentative release date Sept. 27th). Drake doesnt croon, Wayne isnt T-Pain’n it up with the Auto-Tune and only sorta sings the chorus, and this beat by Kane Beatz sounds HUGE. its very cinematic.

We know it’ll be popular, but is it good? I’m on the fence so far…

Download: Lil’ Wayne feat. Drake – “Right Above It”

Sidenote: When did rappers turn all Belle & Sebastian and start releasing EPs? Is that really what its come to? You gotta have the mixtape, the street-album, the EP AND the LP just to make a few bucks? No lie though, Gibbs’ new EP is dope, so maybe this is the new thing huh?

Source: dajaz1