Six Degrees Of Bun B (The Game)

If you ever visited our forums, you’ve probably seen Verbose playing various games with other forum members (“Did I Date Them?”, “Name That Backside!”, etc.). Well recently he took the game “Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon” and transformed it into “Six Degrees Of Bun B”.

Why choose Bun B? Who doesn’t fuck with Bun? Bun B For President!

If  you’ve played “Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon”, you basically already know how to play this game. But for those who don’t know what I’m talking about here’s the rules:

The game requires you to try to connect any musician to rapper Bun B as quickly as possible and in as few links as possible. The assumption is that any music artist in the world can be linked to rapper Bun B within six people.

Here’s a better example:
(Click picture to enlarge)

Other examples from the forums:

Chew did J-Kwon:

1. J-Kwon collaborated with the St. Lunatics on a song called “IC IC” on his first album, Hood Hop
2. Nelly is a part of the St. Lunatics, and Nelly did a song with Gucci Mane called “Ucud Gedit” off Brass Knuckles
3. Gucci Mane has collaborated with Bun B on the song “Countin’ Money All Day” off Trill O.G.

raza did Tommy Lee:

1. Tommy Lee was married to Pamela Anderson
2. Pamela Anderson was married to Kid Rock
3. Kid Rock was on “Rock Star” with R. Kelly off Double Up
4. Ludacris was also featured on “Rock Star” off Double Up with R. Kelly
5. Ludacris is on the song “Trill Recognize Trill” off Bun B‘s album Trill

I (B-Easy) did Dolly Parton:

1. Dolly Parton wrote and sang “I Will Always Love You” which was later remade by Whitney Houston
2. Whitney Houston was married to Bobby Brown
3. Bobby Brown did “Thug Lovin'” with Ja Rule
4. Ja Rule did numerous songs with Jay-Z (“Can I Get A…”, Murdergram”, etc)
5. Jay-Z did “Big Pimpin'” & “Get Throwed” with Bun B

Update: Shout out to Bun B (Of course) for the tweet:

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