Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em feat. 50 Cent – “Mean Mug”

Soulja Boy might be on to something with this one. I can’t even front and act like this ain’t that HEAT right here! That’s not just the bias I have for SBeezy either.

Think about it, when this one here comes on in the club…CATS ARE GONNA GO DUFFY! This type of music reminds me of my college days 100 years ago. This is a song you can do the Lil’ B “Cook Up Dance” to, so you know the youngins are going to eat this one up.

I don’t know who is coming up off this, but it is definitely a good look for both parties. Young Soulja is extending his credibility in the streets, and 50 is getting back to being relevant. Is this the kind of music that Curtis has been forced to do? I don’t think so, but at least he is back on my radar for rapping and not pulling Ashton Kutcher’s on washed up rappers (sorry about that Shyne… actually I’m not)! So when you hear this one in the club…grab a bottle and break it over the first person’s head you see muggin you the wrong way!

Download: Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em feat. 50 Cent – “Mean Mug”

Source: ThisIs50