‘Fro Fantasy Football League (Week 8)

This might have been the LOWEST week in the ‘Fro Fantasy Football League. I’m talking SCORES and GAMEMANSHIP. It was ridiculous how two teams (who shall remain nameless) tried to BODY the integrity of the league.  It got so bad that I stepped down as the commissioner and let Saule Wright have it. I don’t want to go into details because not only what they did was CHEATING, they don’t want to admit to it. So as far as that goes…I’M DONE WITH IT. Moving on…As you can tell I’m not in my usual mood, it’s because my winning streak is over. I’m not the hottest team in the league anymore…that title belongs to Unfucwitable now with his FOUR in a row. We had some shaking up in the polls with a lot of people changing spots but the same eight remain in playoff contention. Six more weeks to go and a matter of points could either land you in the playoffs, or watching from the sidelines. Barring we have another week like this one that was full of SCANDAL like this one, we should have a good finish with the season. Enough of the babble, lets get to the results.

Week 8 Results
Rock’emNiccas – 117.36
Typhoon Tunechi – 69.66

Slik SquadVirus – 87.44
Footinyoazz Squadron – 62.48

Unfucwitable – 90.20
JETS FOOL – 32.10

Don Burgundy – 25.20

Hit Squad – 97.52
Midnight Marauders – 74.70

Hip Hop Avengers – 77.52
Greensboro’s Greatest – 67.48

Overall Rankings (Top 8 Make Playoffs)
2. Slik SquadVirus
3. Unfucwitable
4. Hit Squad
5. Greensboro’s Greatest
6. Midnight Marauders
7. Typhoon Tunechi
9. Rock’emNiccas
10. Hip Hop Avengers
11. Footinyoazz Squadron
12. Don Burgundy