Hip-Hop Is On The Way UP! WEEZY IS FREE!

After waking up this morning thinking that Lil’ Wayne was supposed to be released from Rikers Island today, then reading that they miscalculated his time and he would have to serve an extra day…I was kind of bummed. Then, I looked in the Google reader and saw that they said “bump it…Hip-Hop needs Weezy to be on the streets…let him out!” So for all of us Weezy fans, this seems like Christmas! I wonder how long will it be before we get some new music, I’m saying 12 hours MAX! All of these rappers have been eating for the last 8 months, getting by stealing Weezy’s flow (I’m looking at you Big Sean), and just making a mockery of Hip-Hop. All of that is over now…the GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE is home and is here to DEAD THE COMPETITION! So for all you Wayne haters, I know you mad, but turn that frown upside down and congratulate the dude for ONE day…you can start hating on him tomorrow!


Update: Lil’ Wayne first post jail photo