DJ LP’s Sound Session: Represent

So for those that know, I’ve been down with The ‘Fro for a while. I would try and contribute every once in a while putting in work for some reviews or even just a couple Songs of the Week. So as I submitted one of my Songs of The Week, I was asked by B-Drreasy (Shout out to B-Easy) about having my own column. So of course I couldn’t say no to having my own spot at nappyafro. Now you see DJ LP’s Sound Session before you.

With the slew of new music being released over the holiday, it’s only natural and mandatory that I take us back and in my belief there is no true way to kick off Sound Session without it being in classic style. Along with all the new music being thrown around, the world “classic” has also been thrown around a lot around The ‘Fro. So of course to dead the “classic” talk I bring you a true classic.

Hopefully for you older cats you’ll recognize this coming from one of the top albums in Hip Hop history (#1 in my view) and to you younger cats I introduce you a cut from the classic album Illmatic. This song is a hood banger in its own right (no Flacka). This song offers it all, a classic Premo beat with that New York sound at its finest, Nas’ lyrical ability clearly painting pictures, and finally a flow that is in sync with the beat perfectly. A Certified Banger for its time (No, not that kind). Even Jay-Z couldn’t deny this cut wasn’t ill, after all he sampled Nas with the “Rap Game/Crack Game” verse on In My Lifetime Vol.1.

So please kick back, turn up the volume and enjoy the first installment of DJ LP’s Sound Session

Download: Nas – “Represent”