‘Fro Fantasy Football League (Week 13)

DOWN THE STRETCH WE GO!!! Yeah folks this year of fantasy football is almost over, and with one week left in the regular season, we have a playoff battle! King Jerm, B-Easy and Tisha are fighting for the final two spots for the playoffs. Two teams are in, and one team will be home for the holidays! Last week had some good action including a CLOSE victory by less than a  point that put Rock’emNiccas in the coveted 8th spot. The crowd favorite King Jerm kept up his losing ways dropped his third in a row and fell out playoffs! Don’t worry, me and B-Easy square off this week in loser go home type game. Since one team feels they are the “most hated on” I will give them their moment in the spotlight. WECAMETOKICKASS is the regular season champ with a record going into the last week of 11-2. Happy now? Enough of the talking, LET’S GET TO THE RESULTS!

Week 13 Results

Slik P’s Slik SquadVirus – 104.06
King Jerm’s Typhoon Tunechi – 75.18

Otis’ Hit Squad – 81.30
Cyclone’s Footinyoazz Squadron – 46.18

Randy’s Greensboro’s Greatest – 103.44
Faraji’s Unfucwitable – 85.92

B-Easy’s JETS FOOL – 57.04

Tisha’s Rock’emNiccas – 87.84
D-Dot’s Don Burgundy – 86.82

Saule’s Hip Hop Avengers – 88.22
Arkitekt’s Midnight Marauders – 83.70

Overall Standings (Top 8 Make Playoffs)

2. Slik SquadVirus (8-5)
3. Greensboro’s Greatest (8-5)
4. Hit Squad (8-5)
5. Midnight Marauders (7-6)
6. Unfucwitable (7-6)
7. JETS FOOL (7-6)
8. Rock’emNiccas (6-7)
9. Typhoon Tunechi (6-7)
10. Hip Hop Avengers (4-9)
11. Footinyoazz Squadron (4-9)
12. Don Burgundy (2-11)