‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Week 1

What’s going on people? This is your boy King Jerm aka “the great one” aka “the crowd favorite” aka “the two time champ” checking back in for another glorious season of the BEST fantasy football league out there, the FRO FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE! There are A LOT of imitators, but only ONE league where it goes down! I know we’ve been away, so let’s get to business!

WEEK 1 – Season 6

Jenkins – 97.74
LPH – 73.00
Randy got the monkey off his back and beat his pesky foe, MSimms for the first time.


GoHard420 – 86.08
HeadBangaz– 77.40
Jay Tee starts his title defense with a close win in a rematch of the title game from last year.

Monsters – 104.30
TyshonRockz – 81.64
Monsters made quick and easy work out of Tisha. She’ll bounce back, she always does.


DocMom – 142.40
Romophobics– 106.36
Cornell was the first appointment with the Doc, and she ended up with the high score of the week! *props to Cornell on the name*


Str8outtafucks – 131.92
Filthy – 116.62
All that trash talking about the former champ got Filthy what he wanted. His first loss to Faraji. Is the champ back?


El Duque – 104.72
CRKS – 71.44
The Duke started out this season with an impressive win over GQ Blu. Really was never in doubt, El Duque rolled him up like a gram of loud.


Gomez – 97.34
Heisenberg– 76.14

In another match where it’s been one sided, Gomez FINALLY pulled one out against the “Peoples’ Champ“. I guess the theme of this week was all about getback, because it was damn sure going around.

That’s all for this week, see you again next week!