‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Week 4

Well, week 4 is in the books and I have GREAT news for everyone reading…


I will expound (that means talk more about it for the slow ones) on that in the rundown. But let me say how good it feels to get that first win. Y’all just don’t get the immense pressure I was under from other owners. They tend to hate, but that has been expected to come from the likes of Chuck and MSimms. Enough of the setup, lets see some scores!

WEEK 4 – Season 6

El Duque 64.84
I don’t know if you guys know this but, El Duque was the ONLY remaining unbeaten team. So it was only right that his streak came to an end against the PEOPLES CHAMP! You can’t keep a good man down for long, so it was only right that I got my first win knocking someone from the land of the unbeaten.

Monsters 82.56
Castley Rock King Slappers 39.00
“Man I didn’t know you had to sub out your QB if he got hurt, I thought it just automatically went to your bench.” © GQ Blu This is your excuse for scoring 39 points? LMAO!

Dr Mom Loves Chocolate 106.48
GoHard420 85.66
The Doc got back in the winning column by taking out GoHard420. He was no match for the Doc who was seeking revenge for last year’s loss to Jay Tee. Good win, Doc!

Filthy McNasty 97.44
Los Pollos Hermanos 115.46
Two people I loathe faced off and here is the result. Both of them are haters, and they both have the same record as me. The irony.

str8outtafucks 122.04
Faraji jumped on Gomez in this one. this is a paid endorsement Faraji has played Roddy White EVERY week getting .80 points total in 3 weeks. What does this mean, I don’t know, but the $10 did look nice that Faraji sent to the paypal.

The Romophobics 80.46
North Caka Laka All Day 91.78
Don’t look now but Jenk is 3-1! This is rare air for him considering all the bad luck he has had in the previous seasons. I hope this is the year he goes deep. PAUSE.

TyshonRockz 74.98
Head Bangaz 89.82
Tisha got beat in this one. I’m kind of glad too. She was getting REAL arrogant in the group and she needed a reality check. Good win Cyclone.


Black Division
El Duque 3-1
Monsters 3-1
Castley Rock King Slappers 2-2
Dr Mom Loves Chocolate 2-2
GoHard420 2-2
Los Pollos Hermanos 1-3
Filthy McNasty 1-3

Green Division
Head Bangaz 3-1
Str8outtafucks 3-1
North Caka Laka All Day 3-1
TyshonRockz 2-2
The Romophobics 1-3