Why You Should Listen To: Wale [MixEP]

On January 5, 2011 J. Cole’s Friday Night Lights was crowned Mixtape of the Year and Big K.R.I.T’s K.R.I.T  Wuz Here was declared the runner up. I was conflicted; while I loved J. Cole’s mixtape and was happy to see him get the shine he deserved I found myself enjoying Wale’s More About Nothing mixtape more as he covered a variety of subjects and did so with great lyricism. When I suggested that Wale should have at least been runner up I was laughed at by King Jerm, P, and probably others. This didn’t surprise me, people tend to sleep on Wale because his lyrics aren’t as in your face (m\Meaning the word “like” isn’t in front of all of his wordplay) which tends to make people think he can’t rap. It’s also possible that you guys just didn’t like the mixtape that much. But instead of calling the police on Jerm and P for the injustice of laughing at Wale’s mixtape, I decided to make a MixEP so that I might be able to convert the haters. I tried to take songs that show how versatile Wale is.

1.Wale’s Service Announcement (Paint A Picture)
2.The MC (More About Nothing)
3. Politx (Hate Is The New Love)
4.The Manipulation (The Mixtape About Nothing)
5.Work (100 Miles And Running)
6.The Friends and Strangers (More About Nothing)
7. Warwick Avenue (Back To The Feature)
8.Rhyme of the Century (Paint A Picture)
9.The Vacation From Ourselves (The Mixtape About Nothing)
10.Please Listen (100 Miles and Running)

Download: Why You Should Listen To: Wale [MixEP]