Frank Ocean – “Songs For Women”

I vaguely remember downloading Frank Ocean‘s street album Nostalgia,Ultra. earlier this month and placing it into my “Listen To It When You Get Time” playlist. So when this song popped up in my iTunes while on random play, I had no idea where it came from. Then I thought, “Wait, THIS is the dude from Odd Future? Yup. Who knew that a member of OFWGKTA could make music that’s comparable to Drake or even Bruno Mars (And recently even maybe Beyonce). But hey, I don’t wanna pigeon hole the brother, he definitely has his own style. In Frank’s own words:

“My name is Frank Ocean. I grew up in New Orleans. I’m from Odd Future. I wrote Nostalgia/Ultra in spring 2010. I think I have Synesthesia. I feel more like some type of visual artist than a musician when I’m working. I just mean my process is more about imagery. Maybe people wanna call it a certain genre because I’m a black guy singing. I don’t really mind. To be honest, I don’t think much about it. I categorize it in iTunes as Bluegrass or Death Metal usually. I’m pretty sure I have Synesthesia though. I also wear a Kippah from time to time. I smoke Marijuana for anxiety. Oh, and I used to battle-rap in highschool.”

Come to find out, Frank Ocean has been signed to Def Jam for about a year (Which according to Ocean, is not the best relationship at the moment) and has even written for artists like Brandy & Justin Bieber.

But back to “Songs For Women”. This is by far my favorite track off of Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia,Ultra. and it proves two points:

1. Odd Future is really a talented and eclectic collective.
2. Def Jam dropped the ball. This track could be huge and playing on the radio station right now.

Listen to the track below and also grab the entire Nostalgia,Ultra. too.

Download: Frank Ocean – “Songs For Women”

Download: Frank Ocean – Nostalgia,Ultra [Mixtape]