Rapsody – Thank H.E.R. Now [Mixtape]

In my agenda push the female emcee, (and restore faith that nappyafro loves the female emcee as well)  I’m posting up one of the hottest names on the rise right now. Rapsody comes with much buzz and cosigns from being the female voice in Kooley High to working with fellow NC State guy 9th Wonder. Working with him on his Jamla label, she’s able to collab with champion of the underground Jean Grae, and the talented Mr. Phonte amongst others. She’s grinding in hopes to make the big splash and single-handely usher in the Return the B-Girl to Hip-Hop. In the meantime, you may catch her at Foot Action selling you your  newest hoopin’ kicks. She comes off as really humble, something that will come in handy because of all this talent. Take a listen and let me know what you think! (you can follow Rapsody on twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/rapsodymusic.)

Download: Rapsody – Thank H.E.R. Now [Mixtape]