Fro FM: Middleman, MAGoolies, and BeBe Boohgz

This week while going through the inbox I found a some pretty good music. I know how a lot of sites catch a lot of flack for not featuring the up and coming artists, but we are trying to change that over at the Fro. We still are going to bring you the main draws, but we are going to try to put you on to some cats you haven’t heard of either. This week we got a TRIPLE for you guys. Out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida we have Middleman. Out of Philly we have MAGoolies, and out of New York we have BeBe Boohgz. Check out the music and leave a comment at the bottom to let us and the artist know what you feel about the music!

Middleman (check out his bio) – This is his song “Self Medication” that he produced himself..I like it and I’m sure Verbose is going to like this one (got some Screw in the hook) and the whole feel of the song. I can really vibe with this one right here. Perfect to “medicate” to..if you catch my drift. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Check out Middleman’s Twitter & Facebook.

Download: Middleman – “Self Medication”

Next up we have MAGoolies out of Philadelphia, PA (peep their bio). The title of the track they sent in is “Ricki Lake”. Besides the title we share something else in common…we both used to work for a certain company that will remain nameless. First thing that caught me was the production on the track…shit go hard! The rhymes are not bad either, its like a blend of the South, North, and West…not the Snoop West tho…more like the new West. The group consists of members: Kid Kain, Xany Brainy, Irregular Joe, Bez Bane, Jusane P. Crooks, Rizzie Gambino. Give them a listen and leave a comment so they know what you think.

Download: MAGoolies – “Ricki Lake”

Finally, we have BeBe Boohgz out of NY. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Beacon, Arie Dixon had a typical life. Graduated college, ran track, all while being driven by Hip-Hop. Fast forward to present day..he just released a video for his song “Fuck the Other Side” which SCREAMS the angst that this generation loves. I can see this getting some major spins on the college campuses and getting the crowd really CRUNK. I really like the energy and the aggression on the track. Check out his bio and watch the video and let the artist know what you think about the song!