Zo WIlliams: The Voice of Reason – The Anatomy of Hip-Hop (An Indepth Look at Hip-Hop & Relationships)

One of my favorite things to listen to for the past 4 years is Foxxhole Radio on SiriusXM (now on siriusXM 98). The main reason I keep holding on nowadays is Zo Williams show “The Voice of Reason”. He covers relationships topics and even slides things into the discussion that don’t seem to be about relationships until he puts his spin on it. This particular show I wanted to share with the Fro’ Nation because he’s talking about Hip-Hop and relationships. He discusses an array of issues within Hip-Hop and rap and how that pertains to our relationships (including V-Nasty and the use of the N-word in society). He has a lot of guest and authors on the show including the Icon Professor Griff and Hip-Hop (legend?) Play from Kid ‘N’ Play. It’s a good jumping point for discussion and some very interesting things are said…too many for me to summarize. So if you have some time, take a listen and let me know what you think.

You can hear Zo’s show on Thursday Nights on SiriusXM 98 and follow him on twitter @zowilliams