Drake – “HYFR” (feat. Lil’ Wayne) x “Take Care” (feat. Rihanna) [Videos]

Yes, Drake chose to drop two new videos at the same time. Good thing both are well done.

Drake feat. Lil’ Wayne – “HYFR”: The first video, directed Lil’ X, shows Drizzy getting re-bar mitzvah’d and having a ball afterwards (Complete with a genuine clip from a young Drake’s first bar mitzvah). Trey Songz, a few bad bitches, & the whole YMCMB is invited (Including Weezy in a panda bear ski mask), and hijinks ensue. Think UGK’s “Int’l Players Anthem” but with more Jewish people. Hell yeah.

Drake feat. Rihanna – “Take Care”: The second visual from Drake today is the often delayed “Take Care” with Rihanna (Who’s looking extra nice in this video). You can tell right away Drake didn’t shoot these two video on the same day or cheap out on the budget. Besides having a different director, Yoanne Lemoine, “Take Care” is a totally different vibe from “HYFR”. I don’t really know what the animals is slow motion have to do with the song (Other than giving illuminati conspiracy theorist more ammunition), but it all works. Is is me or does Drizzy look awkward hugging Rhi-Rhi? Just saying…