When Old Rappers Act Like New Rappers: Prodigy

What the HELL is this? Usually when rappers go to jail they come out on some OTHER shit, but Prodigy came out on some OTHER OTHER shit. I mean, is this the same nigga that used to threaten to punch niggas in they face on some high school shit just for breathing? Maybe what Havoc said on Twitter was true. I just can’t believe 1/2 of the crew Mobb Deep would make a song called “Pretty Thug”. This can’t be the same nigga that made the song “Keep it Thoro” Nah, fam…I’m not believing this, tell me this is some kind of joke. I used to say that P was one of the hardest cats (pound for pound) in Hip-Hop, but now he on some Lil’ B shit! I guess we’ll hear more of this kind of music on his upcoming album H.N.I.C Pt. 3. *SMH*

Download: Prodigy – “Pretty Thug”