Rick Ross feat. Usher – “Touch’N You” [Video]

You could write off Rick Ross‘s new video for “Touch’N You” as something he’s done a few times before (See “Magnificent”, “Aston Martin Music”, or “Here I Am”). Then again, maybe not. There’s a twist at the end of this video that I can honestly say I don’t understand so that could count as a change (Omarion, DJ Khaled, & Wale were all in attendance and they seem to understand the ending).

Also, there’s a scene where Rozay plays chess with his woman and I point this out because I do the same shit with women I date. Okay, instead of chess it’s Uno but that’s the same thing right?

Sidenote #1: They could have just used this video and called it a day.
Sidenote #2: Or better yet, this one.