Meet Lil Mouse: 13 Year Old Gangster Rapper

You thought Chief Keef was thuggin’ at 16? Check out Lil’ Mouse‘s music video “Get Smoked”.

What? You say you’ve seen kid rappers before? Yea, but do they talk about shooting hollow tips, taking drugs, getting head, and making it rain in the club? And did they have a music video with them waving a stack of $1 bills? Exactly.

First off, blame King Jerm for even bringing this shit to my attention. There is so much wrong with this video that I was tempted to call the authorities for child endangerment after watching it. But then again maybe I’m just hating. I mean, look at all those $1 bills Lil’ Mouse has.

Sidenote: I wouldn’t give Lil’ Mouse the DMF Award, but I would give it to whoever is behind this bullshit.