Song of the Week: Rhymefest – “One-Hand Push Up”

You know that one artist you know has all the qualities to make it to the top but for some reason was overlooked? Well that’s exactly how I feel about Rhymefest.

This guy does not get the recognition he deserves. I mean the guy rap battled Eminem back in the day, was affiliated with Kanye right before he become a household name but most importantly has incredible talent as an MC.

Back in 2006 his debut album Blue Collar was reviewed in XXL and received a cool 4 out of 5 rating along with a great write up. I was 17 at the time, had a part time job and was after something new. Back then most people didn’t have access to high speed internet (Well I didn’t anyway) so I did something nobody seems to do anymore: I went to my local CD shop, asked if they had the CD (they didn’t), put an order in for it and handed over my hard earned cash. Yes, I know. I will give you all a minute to sit down, wipe the vomit from your keyboards and process this information…

You ok? Great. Let me continue.

Anyway the album was crazy slept on much like his second outing El Che. Now I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m pushing an agenda here but I just feel more people need to hear this guy’s music.

I’ll throw one song your way, see if you like it and maybe you’ll keep clicking on his other videos. This one is called “One Hand Push-Up” and has a pretty funny video.

If you liked it, tell me why. If you hated it I’m sure you’ll tell me why without any prompting.

Sidenote: You might also remember him when he was running a political race back in 2010 or when he was rushed to hospital the following year due to Type 2 Diabetes.