Songs Made by Angry People, For Angry People

Angry People

I don’t want to be too predictable with these lists so this isn’t a “Greatest Blah Blah Of All Time” sort of thing. This is just my personal opinion. Plus you’re all probably tired of reading lists where you know what’s going to be in the top 5. So when I ‘ignore’ legendary songs like Em’s “The Way I Am” or Luda’s “Move Bitch” it’s because we all know they would dominate this list.

So like I said this isn’t a “best of all time” list, this is just an obscure list of tracks that I feel will keep you guessing. So if I left out any obvious choices it’s more of a compliment than a snub. But of course if you want to add to this please do, tell me why you’re mad. I’ll probably kick myself for leaving something out.

Songs Made by Angry People, For Angry People. Happy reading.

Sidenote: These songs are in no particular order other than the way they fell out of my lizard brain.