Chrisette Michelle – “Charades” [Video]

It’s only been 2 years since we’ve heard from the lovely Chrisette Michelle but it always seems like it’s time for new music from her. In 2010 she hit us with an album and a mixtape, both were solid efforts. She’s going to follow that up with an album in 2013, and a concept driven mixtape that is scheduled to drop December 8th titled Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation.

Speaking directly to that concept, we give you the first look at the video “Charades”. It’s inspired by Aubrey Hepburn’s 1963 film of the same name. In that movie, men tried many different acts and personas to woo Aubrey in hopes of gaining her estate left to her by her husband who passed. When you watch the video, you see her giving less than genuine attention to the same guy who tries on various personas. It’s a pretty literal interpretation and with the black and white styling, Derek Blanks seems to hit this right on the head. Even if you didn’t know the cinema tie in, the video and song play well enough together that the point is understood.

There will be a new video every Monday for the mxitape culminating in a live performance in Chicago on December 7th. Chrisette has always had a little rap/Hip-Hop in her music and this mixtape will be no different with features like Wale and ya boy 2 Chainz.