MGK feat. Young Jeezy – “Hold On (Shut Up)” [Video]

I listened to Machine Gun Kelly’s MGK‘s album Lace Up twice, and didn’t hear this song. Then I realized that “Hold On (Shut Up)” featuring Young Jeezy was only on the “Deluxe Edition”. Okay. Well here’s the video for it. And to be real, it’s not a bad video and even has some loose story elements. I did notice a few things though:

  • MGK rages so hard he has a Black mother. A friend pointed out to me that he might be mixed. I explained to her that you can tell who’s mixed by who uses the n word. Kelly doesn’t so he isn’t.
  • Does YouTube allow nudity now? If so, I got some videos to upload. Okay, I know there’s hidden porn on YouTube, but does Vevo allow nudity? Do fake breast count? (The nudity starts here by the way).
  • Jeezy takes confessionals like a Catholic priest.
  • I think MGK is a broke pimp in this video.

Directed by Charlie Zwick