2012 nappyafro Awards: Top Movies of the Year

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2012 Movies

Count this as the 4th time I’ve talked about my favorite movies of the year on nappyafro. But instead of just listing what movies I watched in 2012, this go around I’ll also rank my Top 10 for 2012 (And of course say a few things about each). As for what movies I did see last year:

  • I saw a total of 161 movies in 2012: I know this because I make a note of every movie I watch via Watching Movies & Shit. Although, I don’t include all those ESPN & WWE documentaries I constantly watch.
  • Only 66 of those movies actually came out in 2012: Way down from the 104 movies I watched in 2011. Blame it on me getting older.
  • Movies I wanted to see but didn’t: The Master, The Life Of Pi, Django Unchained (Added to the list), Wreck-It Ralph, Paranormal Activity 4, The We And The I, Holy Motors, & Sinister.

As always, please list your top movies for 2012 in the comments section or just call all of my movie picks stupid. It’s up to you.

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