YMCMB: Family Feud

Drizzy & Weezy

YMCMB is the first in this new generation of Hip-Hop crews. Wayne really established this himself as one of the most prominent commercial rapper in ’08 and then turned his attention to building Young Money. In 2009 he signed underground sensations Drake and Nicki Minaj who have turned around and become huge commercial successes as well. Together they make the deadliest three headed monster on any label (sales wise). Wayne has filled the other label spots with a mix of talent (Tyga, Cory Gunz, and Shannell), his homies (Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda, and T-Streets), and some teeny boppers (Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, and Torian). Yet, even with all of the dead weight this team is Hip-Hop’s deadliest team, the Miami Heat of the game if you will. Still it seems that there may be trouble in paradise.

Ever since Wayne was released from prison in 2010 for a gun conviction in New York, there have been rumors that he and Drake have had issues. So many rumors that after awhile you have to believe that something has to be true. Right? Well let’s look at something we know has happened.

Drake has started a record label and not gone through the YMCMB monster. This probably is to the dismay of Birdman, who has been trying to expand his empire to new heights for the last few years. Remember, he even gave Khaled a label deal for We The Best. This seems to be odd in the midst of all of these rumors that he wants out. So what are the rumors?

The rumor that keeps coming up is that Young Money is in negotiations with Roc Nation for the rights to Drake. Mediatakeout has reported this three times in the past year or so. In all honesty, this makes perfect sense. Jay-Z has always liked Drake (He even wrote him a personal letter after Take Care was released), and had he maybe discovered him a little earlier (before Wayne) Drake may be throwing up the Roc on stage instead of repping YM.

Why would Young Money be willing to let Drake walk though? I mean he is one of the biggest stars in the game. Could some of it be jealousy from Wayne? Maybe. He may have wanted a Memphis Bleek instead of a Kanye West to his Jay-Z. I believe it’s a little deeper than that though.

I recently read/watched a passage from Superhead’s new book (talk bad about a nigga if you want) where she told a story about Wayne that went something like this. She was married and found out she was pregnant by Weezy F. and when she tried to approach him he was busy or something and blew her off. She left in tears and ran into one of Wayne’s favorite artist and best friends, and he “consoled” her. She says Wayne never forgave her. She doesn’t call Drake out by any means, but when I read that, he is the only person I could think of.

Nicki Minaj has never just wanted to be Wayne’s female rapper. So when I hear rumors about her looking for other opportunities, I don’t think it is personal. I think it is just great business. I mean, if we would’ve had a Female of the Year, she is the only real candidate. I’ve heard that she is asking to get out of her contract, but unlike Drake it doesn’t seem as plausible of really happening. She does have her own label now and just recently signed someone by the name of Brinx Billionaire. Her story is still developing though.

Looks like this may not just be the NBA’s trade season.