Beyonce – “Bow Down/I Been On”


The Beyhive has been in a frenzy since the inauguration “situation“. Bey answered that with some live vocals and the “neh, boom, and bow down bitches” chants began. Then there was the amazing Superbowl performance that shut the lights off adding even more fire to the frenzy. THEN we had them coming at the neck of Keri Hilson (Sorry GQ). The hive was indeed riled up and attacking…and now the Queen Bey has given them a song that may never EEEEEEEEEEEVER go away.

On Bey’s recently leaked “Bow Down” she has more…let me choose my words wisely…personality than any other song she’s done. It’s definitely a different tune in more ways than one. With production split between Hit-Boy and then Polow Da Don, Timbaland, and Planet VI you get the unexpected. Take a listen and post YOUR opinion below. Be careful, cause the streets is watching. (I can’t wait for the Illuminati conspiracy fiends to get a hold of this track).

Download: Beyonce – “Bow Down/I Been On”