Song of the Week: 2Pac feat. Stretch, Keith Murray, & Waterbed Kev – “The Heat” (Original Version)

2Pac, Redman & Biggie

Yes I know I had this on one of my mixtapes but this is the full version.

This song was recorded the same day 2Pac was shot in New York City on November 30th 1994. Weird how Big Stretch (1968-1995) was murdered November 30th 1995 at almost the same exact time as the Pac shooting occured. Sometimes Stretch and The Notorious B.I.G. sound the similar to me especially on “Runnin'” from One Million Strong compilation (1995). Stretch was really known well in the Hip-Hop world by a lot of artist who was in the industry then. Stretch was close with E-Money Bags (R.I.P.), Ed Lover, Shock G, and Nas. He also produced “Take It In Blood” and the bonus track “Silent Murder” off of It Was Written before his death (released after his death though). He also appeared in a small part of in the movies Who’s The Man, Juice, and Bullet.

Keith Murray did his thing on here as well and Waterbed Kev was just okay. But of course you know 2Pac stole the show like usual. I still don’t know why they didn’t release this song in 94/95 though; It could have been on Me Against The World.

This Pac verse was later reused on Big L’s “Deadly Combination” from The Big Picture (2000).

I’ll be making my last 2Pac mixtape soon not sure when but I do have the original version of “So Many Tears” with Stretch on it; it’s not the best quality but I have it.

Download: 2Pac feat. Stretch, Keith Murray, & Waterbed Kev – “The Heat” (Original Version)