Kanye West – “Black Skinhead” [Video]

Black Skinhead

You remember when Kanye West said his strategy for Yeezus was “No strategy”? He wasn’t lying. Yesterday, out of nowhere, he released the music video for “Black Skinhead” on his website. Then the video disappeared. Somebody posted it to YouTube, then that one was pulled. And it continued on like that (Hell, the video below made be pulled. I’ll be asleep by the time this goes up).

As for the actual “Black Skinhead” music video? I don’t know what to think. Besides the dogs at the beginning, that I recall from the “New Slaves” video, it reminds me of Taiwanese Animation, Xavier: Renegade Angel, & The Sims 3 (With some Tekken thrown in for good measure). All synced to what I think is Kanye captured motion. Also, there’s a CGI penis in this video somewhere; I’m not gonna tell you where because I’m trying to forget. On a positive note, I still like the song and it makes me wanna go see The Wolf of Wall Street when it comes out.

Sidenote #1: In video games, I sometimes recreate myself all muscular and shit too. It’s cool Yeezy.

Sidenote #2: Check out review of Yeezus here.

Update #1: Kanye West says that this version is not the official version.

Update #2: Kanye releases the official version. Watch it here.