Team Evaluation: TDE

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Black Hippy

Big Dawgs

Ab-Soul: this may be one of my favorite artists who haven’t dropped an album. Solo released his critically acclaimed Control System in 2012. He seems to be the next one set to drop a major label debut. He may be the best rhymesman in the crew, yes good enough to be arguably better than Kendrick. His rhymes are normally about drugs, sex, and the world as he sees. He is honest, funny, and odd. Top Dawg recently said that we should expect Black Lip Pastor this year.

Jay Rock: He is sort of the O.G. of the group. He was the first artist to gain any type of commercial acclaim with Follow Me Home. Jay Rock is slated to release an album this year after Ab Soul. He has been coincidently killing his Black Hippy members on any track they have been on since Ab Soul’s Control System. He has a gritty voice and subject matter to match. Unfortunately because he was TDE’s first project they learned quite a bit of what not to do through Rock. Now he is hungrier than ever and is eager to prove that he is far from the weakest cat in the crew.

ScHoolboy Q: Q just released his major label debut, Oxymoron. To many peoples surprise it is expected to sell about 150 thousand copies in its first week. This album may be even more important that Kendrick’s album because it shows growth and the label’ actual developmental prowess. 5 years ago Q couldn’t even make a cohesive song, and now he has made a cohesive and very unique album. Q may have the most radio appeal out of every rapper on the team, even if he is the least lyrical.

Kendrick Lamar: Everyone already knows a lot about K.Dot. He has a classic album under his belt, he is a dope story teller, and he may have been the biggest snub in Grammy history. When it comes to quality of work, I think Kendrick has the ability to one day have a catalogue that we will compare to Kanye (subtracting 808’s and Heartbreak and Yeezus). He is also the most well-known of the Black Hippy crew.

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