The Boondocks: Season 4 Episode 8 (“I Dream of Siri”) [Video]

I Dream of Siri

This week’s episode of The Boondocks was once again a Granddad centered episode. “I Dream of Siri” is basically a play off the movie Her (My #6 Best Movie of 2013) mixed with Fatal Attraction. And then it gets stupid. Now, I understand that The Boondocks have went to crazy places in the past but then it tried to have some basis in reality, but this episode ends with Granddad marrying his iPhone. *sigh*. Here’s some more of my thoughts.

  • Props to The Boondocks for just using iPhone & Apple but instead of Mapple or myPhone or some other parody name like that.
  • “I might not be the toughest dude, but I know I can kick an Apple worker’s ass.” – Granddad
  • I download these episodes and I have yet to understand why the downloaded versions are uncensored (They don’t even have the Adult Swim stamp). Maybe the ones you buy from iTunes or Amazon are uncensored. I’m too lazy to look.
  • “You think you somebody because you got the white man’s telephone?” – Uncle Ruckus
  • “I’m getting a Android bitch!” – Granddad
  • A military drone blowing up the Freeman house? Really?