Watched This Week: Assault On Arkham, The Final Member, & 12 O’Clock Boys

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The Final Member
Directed by Jonah Bekhor & Zach Math ~ Release Date: April 18th 2014

For whatever reason I watched a documentary about the Icelandic Phallological Museum aka the world’s only Penis museum. That’s not all; The Final Member also features the race between two men who both want to be the first human donor. To add more to the story, one guy is an American who wants to get his penis cut off before he dies (He also has an American flag tattooed on his dick) and the other man is an elderly man who is a Iceland celebrity known for his womanizing ways (But he’s gonna wait to die before donating his dick). It’s an odd film to say the least but it’s a good chance you haven’t seen a movie like this before.

Notable Scene: The scene where the American donor gets a tattoo on his penis.

Should you see it?: Maybe. Not everybody will want to watch a 75 minute movie about dicks.

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