‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Week 3


Another week of the ‘Fro Fantasy Football League comes to a close and boy did we have some CLOSE games this week! When I say close, I’m talking about less than 1 point between victory and defeat close. You don’t believe me, CHECK OUT THE RUNDOWN!

The King of THOTLAND only needed 3 points from Brandon Marshall this week to ensure a victory over CornelldaGr8. BMarsh went down with an injury in the first half and had a TD taken away from him, which meant that the King was going to take his second loss. IN A ROW. He better tighten up before this gets out of hand.

King of THOTLAND – 83.44
Clinton Dix Lewinski – 85.76

Ol GQ-Blu looked up and saw he had a doctor’s appointment this week. He didn’t realize it was with Dr Mom. Anytime you are in her office, the news isn’t going to be good. GQ was in the driver’s seat for a week, now he knows what it’s like to have people coming for your spot.

Castley Rock King Slappers – 86.30
Dr Mom Loves Chocolate – 89.96

Arkitekt and his team of Monsters came to play this week and gave ElroyJulius his second loss IN A ROW! (YES! YES!) Nothing gives me more joy than to see this guy lose in fantasy. Considering the amount of shit he talks, he deserves to hear it just as much in a loss. Congrats go out to Ark for quietly building a JUGGERNAUT.

Monsters – 124.60
Filthy McNasty – 117.70

The Battle of the Ravens fans go to the Dirty ravens. Gohard420 might wanna lay off the ganja and tweek his lineup. This is your first year in the league, so expect to take some lumps. You don’t get to come in and win, you got to work your way up to that. Better luck next time! Dirty Ravens are first in the Black division.

Gohard420 – 58.88
Dirty ravens – 87.62

The Best Rivalry in the FFFL lived up to the billing this year with this matchup. No, we didn’t get the usual trash talk (maybe because someone left the Facebook group) but we did get some light trolling from Faraj to LPH on twitter. If you are like me and hate math, the margin of victory was 0.92. It came down to an overtime game between the Seahawks and the Broncos. Once again, Faraj finds a way to best LPH. That now brings his dominance over this one opponent to 8-1.

Los Pollos Hermanos – 87.54
HereIGo – 88.46

Tish wanted to be in the #1 spot and now she is after disposing of this lightweight GomezJenkins. I can’t even front, this one was close too! We’re talking about 0.08 close. It had to hurt to lose this one by such a tight margin. But somebody had to lose, and it was Gomez. He needs to get it together before it gets ugly out there. You’re 0-3 now, blink and you could be 0-8! Great win for Tisha. She really has came a LONG way in fantasy. Watch out for her this year!

TyshonRockz – 99.52

In a battle of Giants fans, good Ol’ Jenk put the pounding on Cyclone this week. I guess Cyclone was trying to win one of every trophy or something. It had to be a reason his team was so shitty. Under 60 and you was the league runner up last season? C’mon now! Tighten Up! Jenk is on a mission to do something this season. He better hopes he doesn’t have to come see me!

North Caka Laka All Day – 107.08
Head Bangaz – 58.40

That’s it for this week! See you guys again next week when we have more ‘Fro Fantasy Football news!