‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Week 6 & 7


I guess you can say I took a week off, because people in the league were asking where the rundown was. Well, HERE IT IS! Let’s get to the results! We’re pulling double duty on this one folks, so get ready!

Week 6 Results

King of THOTLAND – 75.20
Gohard420 – 103.04

Looks like Jay Tee got the best of the champ in this matchup. It wasn’t even close, but this was a regular season victory. I guess he was on some sort of crusade to get my respect…but like I told him, “WIN THE TITLE IF YOU WANT MY RESPECT!”

Los Pollos Hermanos – 127.62
Castley Rock King Slappers – 116.52

LPH got a win in this matchup against GQ. Blu scored a nice amount of points, but it wasn’t enough to knock off LPH. What a way to end a skid!

Monsters – 99.10

GomezJenkins couldn’t get it done against Arkitekt. I really thought this was the start of a run for Gomez, but I guess not.

Dr Mom Loves Chocolate – 91.30
North Caka Laka All Day – 90.96

Dr. Mom bounced back after that lineup debacle and beat Jenk by a tight margin. Losing one like this has to hurt. Don’t worry about Jenk, he’ll find a way to get right.

Filthy McNasty – 161.94
Head Bangaz – 115.16

The scoring record was broken in this matchup. Congrats go out to Filthy for breaking the scoring record. Now, are you happy?

Dirty ravens – 66.08
TyshonRockz – 98.34

Tisha didn’t leave this one in doubt, she went out and kicked some tail in this matchup! The Dirty Ravens didn’t stand a chance! Good win Tisha!

PimpSquadBaby – 96.24
Clinton Dix Lewinski – 119.74

New name, same result. Even the name change didn’t help Faraj. He put up some points, but not enough to take down Cornell. Good win Cornell!

WEEK 7 Rundown

King of THOTLAND – 104.66
Castley Rock King Slappers – 79.24

The Battle of Staff members goes to the King (was there ever any doubt?) I mean, did you really think THIS King was getting slapped? GQ is on a losing streak, something must be done before it’s too late.

Los Pollos Hermanos – 90.00

LPH got a nice victory over GomezJenkins, but it’s not like he cares. He was living it up at M&T Bank Stadium in the owner’s box.

North Caka Laka All Day – 66.50
Gohard420 – 119.02

The guy in first place won again. That’s all I’m saying about his match.

Head Bangaz – 65.70
Monsters – 97.16

Once again Arkitekt pulls out another victory. He’s quietly becoming a force to reckon with. Everyone is on notice.

TyshonRockz – 100.92
Dr Mom Loves Chocolate – 75.06

Tisha came out on top in the battle of the ladies in the FFFL. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this her first win against the Doc? Doc needs to step it up before she misses out on the playoffs!

Clinton Dix Lewinski – 80.62
Filthy McNasty – 125.42

Filthy McNasty continues to burn up the scoreboard with his high scores. He’s currently on track to break the season scoring record if he keeps this up. Can he keep up this rate of scoring? We shall see!

PimpSquadBaby – 97.64
Dirty ravens – 89.48

Looks like Dirty ravens are the new “slumpbuster” team in the league. They helped Faraj get off the losing skid with this output this week. Who knows…can Faraj turn it around and make the playoffs?

Standings (through Week 7)

1. GoHard420 (6-1)
2. Monsters (5-2)
3. Filthy McNasty (4-3)
4. Clinton Dix Lewinski (4-3)
5. Los Pollos Hermanos (4-3)
6. TyshonRockz (4-3)
7. King of THOTLAND (4-3)
8. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate (3-4)
9. North Caka Laka All Day (3-4)
10. Castley Rock King Slappers (3-4)
11. Head Bangaz (3-4)
13. PimpSquadBaby (2-5)
14. Dirty ravens (2-5)