Watch the First Two Episodes of ‘The Dame Dash Show’


This is a surprise. Maybe this can be added to The FROCAST‘s TV Talk. WNCN, a local North Carolina television station, is the home of the public access show, The Dame Dash Show. I don’t even know what else I need to say. IT’S DAME DASH! Why wouldn’t you want to watch, unless you’re tired of hearing him speak and don’t find him entertaining anymore. Watch and comment.

Episode 1: “Watch the first episode of The Dame Dash Show featuring musician Joshua Gunn, Poppington Creative Director, Raquel Horn, The Angel Whisperer, and two entrepreneurs seeking Dame’s advice.” -WNCN

Episode 2: ” Watch the Dame Dash Show and learn about Dame’s former New York art gallery called DD172, hear performances from Joshua Gunn,and get business insights from Dame and Dr. Boyce Watkins.” – WNCN