5 Superstars Who Could Have Attacked Hideo Itami

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The Ascension

5. The Ascension

When Hideo Itami made his anticipated arrival at NXT TakeOver: Fatal Four Way, the Ascension decided to show up and spoil a monumental moment in NXT’s history. After Hideo had cleared the ring of the Ascension he would find himself locked in a month long rivalry against the tag team. Konnor & Viktor would beat down Hideo over the course of the next month and come out successful each time due the numbers advantage working in their favor. The rivalry came to an end after Itami brought in Finn Balor to help take out the Ascension at NXT TakeOver: R-Evolution.

The Ascension had bid farewell to NXT and made their debut onto the Main Roster five months before Itami was attacked and injured, so it doesn’t really make sense for Konnor & Viktor to have returned to NXT just to take out Hideo, and cost him a shot at becoming the number one contender for the NXT Championship.

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