Playlist: City Girls, Jay Rock, & Kanye West

With all the range of emotions this week brought, seeing a picture of Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump in the Oval Office was really weird to me. Besides the fact that freeing one person from an unjust system but placing rules that keeps that same system unjust doesn’t makes sense, the whole thing felt weird. So that explains the reason I chose the image for this post.

And props to me for doing this column two weeks in a row.

R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain.

City Girls – “Tighten Up”

Just like last week with Tyga’s “Taste”, I missed out on writing about the music video for City Girls“Tighten Up” when it was initially released. And to be honest, I don’t actually like this song that much. When I hear the Flordia duo rapping about stressing while on their periods and possibly aborting a baby, I think this is where the evolution of the ratchet female rapper is going. That’s not a diss either.

Jay Rock – “The Bloodiest”

Most of the time we post almost anything that TDE releases (I said ALMOST), but something feels off about Jay Rock‘s latest track, “The Bloodiest”. I guess something has always felt off about Jay Rock though. He can rap, he has a good team, and should be a bigger artist than his is. You could say that it may be the expectation are too high since he’s on the same squad as Kendrick Lamar but you could also say he hasn’t reached the same level as other TDE artists like ScHoolboy Q or SZA. We’ll see when Jay Rock’s next album, Redemption, drops on June 15th.

Kanye West feat. 070 Shake & Kid Cudi – “Ghost Town”

Did the Kanye West Redemption Tour actually work? You have his wife Kim K freeing a Black woman from prison and next week his latest album Ye will be the #1 album in the country. I still don’t know how to feel about the situation or even the album but I know “Ghost Town” is by far the best song on the project. I even checked out 070 Shake‘s last EP because of her performance on the song. I didn’t like it, but that shows you just how much I mess with “Ghost Town”. We recently released a review of Kanye West’s Ye. Go check that out.