Friday Night ‘Fro: City Girls – Point Blank Period (Documentary)

I learned this year that life can not be all ups, there must be downs and you will need to know how to live with them. The Mass Appeal x Quality Control documentary opens with JT (Jatavia Johnson) and Yung Miami (Caresha Brownlee) signing their deal with QC Music/Capitol records 11 months after they recorded their first song together as the City Girls. The following week, JT reported to Miami’s Federal Detention Center to begin her 2-year sentence for fraud charges.

On her last night out, she experiences the first reactions to Drake’s “In My Feelings”. The following day, she tearfully said goodbye for now to the outside world of fans and fame she gained over the past years and temporarily parted from the family she has known her whole life. From Yung Miami accepting her responsibilities of being a Mother and JT learning that her actions affect the financial well-being of dozens, we see the young ladies learn and play in this 22-minute documentary, I promise it’s not all bad. It’s life: ups and downs. Period