The Joe Budden Podcast (feat. Pusha T) [Video]

Pusha T talked to the Spotify Boys of The Joe Budden Podcast to clarify the statements made by Drake on L.A.bron James’ HBO series, The Shop. 3 hours?! Surprisingly, it didn’t drag when the audio was released this Wednesday. It was a nice companion to my morning of a dentist appointment, a job fair, and lunch.

There were plenty of times when my wishes of certain questions being asked were asked as I traveled all over Dallas. Call it messy if you want, but I call it one of my Top 5 rappers being transparent about their beef with one of the biggest artists in the world and the games they played with $100,00, their career (NEW ALBUM ON THE WAY), their role in G.O.O.D. Music (Where is Big Sean?), and of course, that guy in the MAGA hat.

Pusha said he’s tired of the bromance/frenemy relationship back and forth between Ye and Aubrey. Genius gave us a timeline of how, when, and why it all started.