The Numbers Game: T.I. Gets Platinum & John Legend Gets #4

It’s Thursday again. For those who don’t know (or care) what that means here at nappyafro, it’s time for the weekly Numbers Games. Now look, we all know that you can get your Hip-Hop/R&B album sales elsewhere. But hopefully, you come here for my awesome & insightful commentary on the fiscal landscape of our culture…okay, forget that shit. Hey, it’s just a place where I tell you if Jeezy’s new album went Gold or how bad Nelly’s latest flopped. This week, we see Kanye’s homeboy John Legend enter the chart at #4. What’s weird is that his debut was almost the same as Robin Thicke’s a few weeks ago (Maybe because their album concepts were similar: Evolver; Something Else; Get it?). T.I. also officially gained Platinum status this week with Paper Trail; I don’t know if he can go 2 million, but who knows. Joe Budden’s prequel album Halfway House surprisingly charted at #183; 3,000 album sales are not bad for a mixtape. Other than that, it’s business as usual. Check back next week to see how bad The Knux and Q-Tip get ignored.

#4 John Legend/Evolver (Last Week: NA) – 133,094; Total: NA [Debut]
#7 T.I./Paper Trail (Last Week: #3) – 76,560; Total: 1,047,627 (Platinum) [5 Weeks]
#14 Jennifer Hudson/Jennifer Hudson (Last Week: #9) – 31,800; Total: 386,700 [5 Weeks]
#15 Ne-Yo/Year Of The Gentleman (Last Week: #8) – 26,574; Total: 548,027 (Gold) [7 Weeks]
#20 Lil’ Wayne/Tha Carter III (Last Week: #10) – 23,037; Total: 2,624,722 (2X Platinum) [21 Weeks]
#23 Rhianna/Good Girl Gone Bad (Last Week: #12) – 20,100; Total: 1,955,900 (Platinum) [74 Weeks]
#28 Young Jeezy/The Recession (Last Week: #15) – 17,412; Total: 578,973 (Gold) [9 Weeks]
#32 Jazmine Sullivan/Fearless (Last Week: #20) – 15,000; Total: 192,100 [6 Weeks]
#35 The Game/L.A.X. (Last Week: #25) – 14,121; Total: 545,974 (Gold) [10 Weeks]
#39 Robin Thicke/Something Else (Last Week: #26) – 13,300; Total: 231,500 [5 Weeks]
#109 Jon B/Helpless Romantic (Last Week: NA) – 4,800; Total: NA [Debut]
#183 Joe Budden/Halfway House (Last Week: NA) – 3,174; Total: NA [Debut]