R&B Sunday: Elle Varner – “1 to 10”

The beauty of subscribing to a streaming service is the access to unlimited music. 7 years ago when Elle Varner released her debut album, there were factors to why I didn’t listen to her project. I had to physically move myself to a store (most likely Best Buy in Shreveport) and then pay $12 or $14 for one CD. Add in the rule I had where I wouldn’t buy anyone’s album off of one song I liked from them. I could just turn on the radio if I wanted to hear “Refill” or go on that new site at the time called YouTube and watch the video. I’m kidding, YouTube was already 5 years when Perfectly Imperfect was released.

Free from her label, we finally get EV‘s follow-up, Elevation and I get to simply press play on my TIDAL to see what I’ve been missing. It’s is definitely a contender for one of my favorite R&B albums this year, but for today we crown it as the pick for today’s R&B Sunday. “1 to 10” is about a relationship on the brink of something epic or tragic. They will either continue their journey together or end it all based on her lover’s numeral response on a scale of one to ten. 

Now that you’ve heard her, I’m leaving yall with a chance to see her. Happy Sunday!

“Kinda Love”