Friday Night ‘Fro: ‘Def By Temptation’ [1990]

This week, we were blessed with a new trailer for Candyman after receiving a special Juneteenth message from the film’s Director/Co-Writer Nia DaCosta. I did not watch the new trailer because I have already been anticipating this continuation of the 1992 classic since the long-ago pre-Covid world. I do not need to see anymore; I’m ready to buy my ticket for a showing in August when the Alamo Drafthouses hopefully reopen in July. There was also a kerfuffle online when a preview for the new film from the director of Who Made The Potato Salad. I avoided seeing any seconds of Karen because I don’t appreciate white creators capitalizing on a trend created by Black people. Also, I don’t understand why BET thought it was a good idea to produce this.

For tonight’s Friday Night Fro’, I’m sharing 1990’s underrated Def By Temptation. I’ve seen the Real Queen of Horror champion this film for years. I finally have the opportunity to view the bloody tale on Shudder; They really need more Black faces on that streaming app. The Troma-Entertainment film was written, produced, directed, and starred James Bond III. Bond plays Joel, a young man from a small town at a crossroads before he becomes a minister like his deceased father, played by Samuel L Jackson. Before making a life decision, he ventures to the big city of New York to spend time with his close friend, K, played by Kadeem Hardison. Unfortunately, there’s a succubus, played masterfully by Cynthia Bond, that is killing men every night from the same bar and no one can stop her. Or is there? Enjoy!