Samuel L. Jackson Is Still One Bad Mother *Bleep* In The Trailer For 2019’s ‘Shaft’

A sequel/reboot of a film that was released 19 years ago shouldn’t make me excited, but then I watched the trailer forSon of Shaft Shaft last night. The busiest actor in Hollywood returns in June after a couple of small films in the Spring titled Captain Marvel & Avengers: End Game with a Tim Story directed film written by Kenya Barris that will involve his 2000’s rendition of the iconic cinema hero investigating a murder alongside his estranged son played by Jessie Usher. Perfect film for Father’s Day.

My only issue is a possible continuity error. I thought that Richard Roundtree’s Shaft was the uncle of Samuel L. Jackson’s Shaft. Other than that, I think the film will deliver on everything else. What y’all think?