Notable Tracks: Just Blaze, Griselda, Wiki, Earl Sweatshirt, & Girl Talk

Man, it’s been a while since I did one of these Notable Tracks posts (It’s been a while since we posted anything except album reviews and women, but that’s another story). The basic premise here is that I list three songs that didn’t get a dedicated post for whatever reasons. Sometimes there is even a theme (Not today, though). Today I’m just changing it up because I didn’t feel like doing a Song of the Week. So let’s get into it.

Just Blaze feat. Conway The Machine & Westside Gunn – “Griselda and the Blazettes Vol 1.”

So last Thursday, Just Blaze randomly tweeted a Soundcloud link to a song produced by him and featuring Conway The Machine & Westside Gunn. And then quicking deleted the tweet and Soundcloud. But of course, nothing on the internet ever truthy gets deleted, so you can still listen to “Griselda and the Blazettes Vol 1.” I don’t know how old this song is, but I would like more, please (And drop the full version of “Exhibit B” while you are at it, Just Blaze).

Wiki feat. Earl Sweatshirt – “All I Need”

I’m basically out of the album review game at this point (God bless, MTHFKA JONES). But if I were reviewing albums regularly, I would have probably thrown Wiki‘s Half Gold a review. I did write about the music video for “Roof,” a song off the project. But Wiki also released a music video for “All I Need” featuring Earl Sweatshirt, probably my favorite song off Half God, but for some reason, I missed it. Either way, this is me correcting that mistake. Vibe out.

Girl Talk feat. Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T., & Smoke DZA – “Put You On”

For whatever reason, Girl Talk‘s “Put You On,” featuring Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T., & Smoke DZA, make me think about it like a “No Wheaties” reunion, one of my favorite songs. But as I’m writing this, I realized that “No Wheaties” had Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, and Curren$y on it, so my mistake. Although to be fair, those rappers did appear on the Girl talk-produced song “Santos Party” a couple of years ago. So there’s that.