JID – “Bruddanem / Crack Sandwich” [Video]

Already past the half-mark of October, but I’m prepared for the end of 2022. No, I don’t have my resolutions and trips planned for next year, but I do have 8 albums already on my end-of-the-year “Top 10” list. Dreamville’s JID has an AOTY contender with his The Forever Story album. The project is an autobiographical detail of his journey from college football fields to Revenge of the Dreamers recording sessions. The music from the album will entertain you so much that you will be astonished that you just listened to a song called, “Crack Sandwich.”

After a small preview of track 8, “Bruddanem,” viewers will now be enthralled with the visual aides provided by directors, Mac Grant and Chad Tennies, of a night in New Orleans with JID and his siblings.