Song of the Week: Sauce Walka – “First Testament”

I wanted to start off this post by saying that I’m late on Sauce Walka, and technically I am. But that doesn’t mean your boy hasn’t been watching from afar. I don’t know what type of rapper Sauce was in 2007 when he started, but the current version of gangster rapper over soul samples is definitely my genre (See Freddie Gibbs, Griselda, or Jay-Z on The Blueprint). I also knew he wasn’t the average Houston rapper when I saw him pop up on songs with Westside Gunn. Then I saw the video off of Sauce Walka rapping of a Daringer beat for the song “Dangerous Daringer.” And after seeing a random Instagram post about how underrated Sauce Walka was, that leads us to this Song of the Week post.

I actually thought Griselda producer Daringer produced “First Testament,” but it’s actually a producer named Brandin Blanco (The song comes off Sauce Walka’s Ghetto Gospel 3, and there isn’t much info in terms of production credits). And while the project just came out on December 23, 2022, it’s a good chance that “First Testament” would have made my Best of 2022 list. And that’s overlooking that Sauce Walka said that Houston got everybody watching anime (I was watching anime back when it was lame).

As for the actual song, “First Testament,” it’s right down my wheelhouse. The production is heavily anchored by an excellent sample of “You’re The Reason Why” by The Ebonys while Sauce does his thing:

I thought I’d nevеr come outside again and feel the sunrays
All bеcause I was bangin’ my set, lettin’ my gun blaze
I used to follow niggas from church, I banged on Sundays
And then I went to the pen and seen swords made out of lunch trays

But that’s enough of my rambling. Check out the Song of the Week below. Hold your head TSF.