Drake – “Search & Rescue”

If you have been active on social media or following Hip-Hop news, you may have come across the news about Drake‘s upcoming song that samples Kim Kardashian’s discussion of her divorce from Kanye West on the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “Search & Rescue” is that song.

While some argue that Drake might be trolling Yeezy, his father denies any such intentions, suggesting that Drake wouldn’t be doing that. Perhaps the sample fits with Drake’s lyrical theme of settling down and relinquishing his player persona for a special woman. The cover art featuring a Kim K lookalike may add fuel to the Kanye-diss theory, but it’s up to the internet to decide.

The song was originally premiered on Drake’s SiriusXM Radio station Sound 42 and is produced by BNYX, Sad Pony, 40, Wesley Curtis, and BEAUTIFULMVN.